Chad Steve
Chad Steve
Artist Statement

When I first encounter an object that I am not completely familiar with, it generates many questions. First, what is it? If that question is not immediately answered, I begin searching my archived experiences for things that may relate. What does it remind me of? How is it used? What does it do? How does it do it? These fundamental questions stimulate my pursuit of discovering objects. Memories of similar objects emerge from my past and in an attempt to interpret the function. Experiences such as these make me question how others would perceive objects as well.
Form is a critical aspect of discovery in my work. Rather than adhering to the phrase coined by Louis Sullivan that “form follows function,” instead, I pursue ‘function follows form’. This new mantra provokes the concept of function from the opposite perspective. In this way the form provides a generative questioning of purpose. The sculpture’s form allows viewers to assign associations to the objects based on their individual backgrounds and experiences.
The surface tells a lot about my objects--what finish is on it, how it was made, where it has been, how old it is, and how it was cared for. My ceramic surfaces are intended to look as though they had been well used and then abandoned. Worn, chipped, and saturated with stains the visual aesthetic of my sculptures have a patina of apparent use that serves to unify the overall aesthetic of a moment captured in time, arriving at a feeling of nostalgia.
My work celebrates the questioning of objects and the rediscovering of moments in the past. As an artist I am driven by a desire to evoke meaningful and significant memories, wonder, and curiosity within all my viewers.